Insurance and CoC’s

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Building Insurance

We urge all our clients to take out building insurance. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is safe and does not pose a threat to any person, animal or building. This threat can be in the form of injury, loss or damage caused by leakage, explosion, malicious damage, acts of nature, such as fire, lightning, storm, hail, landslides, etc., and other such events.

This further includes:

    • Electrical installation safety
    • Electrified fence installation safety
    • Plumbing installation safety
    • Gas installation safety
    • Beetles infestation free property

Without valid Certificates of Compliance, you could be held liable for any injury or incident that occurs on your property and the insurance on the house could be declared invalid.

It is essential for you to have all you certifications in order to confirm that your property adheres to the latest building standards and regulations. If you don’t have this in order, you could have to fork out in the event of damage or injury.

Please note:

According to Section 17 of the Broadform Building Insurance Policy of March 2014:

You (as the company or legal entity) must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the insured property complies with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (No.103 of 1997), as amended or substituted from time to time, or any similar applicable legislation, and the regulations thereto. You must also take all reasonable steps to ensure that plans were submitted to and approved by the local authority at the relevant time of construction.

You must also comply with all statutory obligations, laws and bylaws, regulations, safety requirements and statutes and regulations thereto imposed for the safety of property or persons.