Compliance Inspection Fees

Compliance inspection fees are usually a fixed fee depending on which legitimate contractible company you appointed for the COC inspection/s. With commercial properties, however, the compliance inspection fee is based on the size of the property and the timeframe the certified inspectors require to effectively conduct the necessary compliance inspections.

At Bugs & Sparks, we offer a very competitive inspection fee of R550/hour. Further discounts are applicable when multiple COC inspections are requested for the same property (i.e. Beetle, Gas, Plumbing or Electric Fence).

To offer you peace of mind, you can simply calculate your property inspection fees below ↵


Take advantage of our discounted fees that apply when you book more than one inspection for the same property, and you agree to settle the invoice within 24 hours.

Accepted payment methods: Cash, EFT, and debit/credit card payments (available as an online or in-person card payment option).



If you choose to settle your compliance invoice/s on transfer, then the invoice will be forwarded to the transferring attorney for settlement on the day of transfer.

Please note: If this payment option is chosen, Bugs & Sparks requires written confirmation from the conveyancing attorney that they will settle the invoice.

R 550.00

R 550.00

R 550.00

R 550.00

R 550.00




1. All prices include VAT.

2. The listed prices allow for an inspection time of up to 1 hour at standard-size residential properties. Larger properties (i.e. larger homes, mansions, estates, farms, commercial & industrial properties, smallholdings, etc.) will be charged at an hourly rate of R550 incl. VAT.

3. Inspection fees entail our team of qualified inspectors visiting your premises, conducting a full compliance inspection and providing a comprehensive digital report detailing all of the inspections’ findings. Therefore, your compliance inspection fee will be due and payable whether or not Bugs & Sparks conducts any necessary remedial work.

4. Please note that should you choose Bugs & Sparks to conduct any necessary remedial work, the Certificate of Compliance will be issued at no additional cost to the inspection fee.

5. Please note that should you book a single inspection and the inspection is clear and does not require any remedial work in order to issue the Certificate of Compliance, we will require payment of the inspection fee immediately after the inspection is complete. 

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